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SAT Not Required For Admission in Abroad

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Amidst the corona epidemic, Indian students who are studying in foreign universities or taking admission this year are worried. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, in 2019 about 10 lakh 90 thousand students were enrolled in foreign universities. In 2018, the highest 28% of students chose American colleges. Sumit Jain, founder of the eduTech company Yoquet, states that foreign universities have 3 sessions. This time, most universities have extended the deadline for the application process to end in March-April. According to John A. Perez, Chair of the Board of Regents, California University Governing Board, the SAT has been abolished to protect students from stress. Colleges on the other hand are constantly talking to Embassy. For example, Kanengi Mellon University has given students the option to postpone the admissions till the second semester if they do not get the visa in due time. In the same way, the University of California will complete the course with distance learning if students do not get visas on time. At the same time, American Counseling on Education has said that this year there can be a decrease of 25% in the admission of foreign students in America. A Higher Education Trade Group estimates that there may be a 15% reduction in total enrollment in the US, causing a loss of $ 23 billion.

 University is now doing this: -

Almost all have decided to teach all the semester / session taught between March to December online. Admission process of session to be started from May-July has also been asked to be made online.

University of Torrento:

It has been decided to teach summer of May to August and fall sessions of September to December online. Decision on the winter session of January to May will be taken by June 13.

Boston University:

January-May Spring Semester Class and Examination Will Be Online. Both summer sessions are also online. Preparations are being made to start the fall session from September to December on campus with distancing.

 University of California:

All courses have gone online. Schools will give pass / no pass certificate to students instead of grade. The requirement of letter grade for all students of Spring and Summer Semester 2020 has been removed.

Oxford University:

Post graduate tat (PGT) and undergraduate students will be taught online at present. The University is giving all future sub-dates on its website.

New York University:

There are online classes for the spring session that run from January to May. The classes of Samar Session-1 and Summer Session-2 to be started from May 26 and July 6 will also be online.

Melbourne University:

Semester-1, which runs from March to May, has been made online. But this session lasting till May will be completed by June. The same July session will start from August.

These three major concessions have been given for admission

*SAT & ACT: SAT & ACT exam will not be compulsory in the US for the admission of 2021.

I-20: Department of Homeland Security in the US has made the I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility for F1 Visa) online.


At Home Solution for TOEFL (TOEFL) and GRE Examination | Except students from China and Iran, students from 148 countries will be able to give tofail from home. The exam will be held on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, till June 30, 2020.

3 major questions for current students:

1- Projects- What about fieldworks?

Most of the universities are preparing to promote undergraduate and post graduate students to the next session based on the year-long exam. Same different way Examination of final year students is being done through the assessment and open book exam. Along with this, literature review, data analysis and computer modeling are being adopted instead of projects and fieldworks.

2- How to get 2-study material?

Almost every university has digital libraries. There are thousands of research publications, working papers, thesis, reports, book sections, conference papers, general etc. Through this, at this time universities are sending material (videos, lectures etc.) to the students.

3- So have the studies started now?

Jitin Chawla, a member of the National Career Development Association in America, says that all universities have started online classes. Universities are using reality and virtual reality to provide practice, industry training, etc.

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