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CBSE Reduce Syllabus Due To COVID-19

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CBSE can provide relief to students, syllabus from class 1st to 12th may be reduced, science, Maths, English may have 1-2 units less

CBSE is going to make some changes in its syllabus due to the lockdown. The board may reduce the number of units in syllabus of the 20–21 education sessions by giving relief to the students from class 4 to 12, so that the students can complete the course on time in the remaining session. The board has sought opinion from all private schools regarding this change. It is asked that how much students will benefit from cutting syllabus and how they can study in the remaining sessions. According to the nodal officer of CBSE, it may be decided soon.

This step is being taken to complete the syllabus on time.

According to Gosai, director of Divine Public School, Sector-4, it was said in the meeting that during the lockdown time is left for the rest of the session, how will the syllabus be completed? Therefore, it is expected that CBSE Board will reduce some chapters in class syllabus. Decision can be taken to reduce one to two units from the syllabus of the rest of the class.

The syllabus of these classes can be less: -

The board may reduce some units in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Core, Physis, Math for 11th and 12th class. Also, there may be some chapters in syllabus of English Language and Literature, Hindi A-Hindi B subject of the 8th class. With this, the syllabus of 10th class social study can also be changed.

Students' questions: -

Now every Sunday, experts and teachers will be available to solve the doubts of the students through Edusat and will answer all the questions of the students. It will have its first live telecast on 26 April. In this, the questions asked by the students will be answered. According to officials, students can ask questions through A-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.

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