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Mental counseling services for students

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Mental counseling services for students


The state of uncertainty in the wake of the Corona epidemic can cause anxiety, fear and stress among students about their education and future and affect mental health of students due to being locked indoors and socially distant during a nationwide lockdown. Can In such a situation, JC Bose University of Science and Technology has taken initiative to provide free mental health counseling services named 'Comfort' to provide counseling services to the students to remain mentally health.

        VC Prof. According to Dinesh Kumar, students worry about their studies, exams and future can affect their mental health. The university is deeply concerned about the mental health of students during the Corona epidemic. Through this initiative, the university aims to provide psychological support to those students who are stressed by the sudden changes in their lives due to the corona virus.

 *Students can contact on this number 9813823115 between 4 to 6 pm

    He said that to avail the services of psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists and physicians for the students by the university, students can contact on mobile number 9813823115 between 4 to 6 pm. Details of experts are also made available on the university website.

Assurance given to students: -

The Vice Chancellor assured the students that they should not be worried about their examinations. University administration is making all efforts to protect their future. He said that we will soon conduct the examination of the students of the final year of the courses. However, the method of examination has not been decided yet.

Online Examination Preparation: -

Expressing the possibility of conducting the examinations in online mode, the Vice Chancellor said that as soon as the exam will be decided, the students will be informed immediately. Datesheet will also be made available. It is the effort of the university that if the situation becomes normal, the results should be declared soon after conducting all the examinations in a week or ten days.

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