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Today, more than 190 countries are suffering from the coronavirus disease and everyone is focused on fighting this disease and saving the economy of their country. But in this fight, the education of millions of students in the world is also left behind. Due to poverty, millions of children were not able to read already, in such a situation, Corona imprisoned the children in their homes, which has stunted their mental development. Around 1.8 billion students are imprisoned at homes and not going to schools. In such circumstances, one of the world's biggest tech companies, ie Microsoft and United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) are going to work together to create a platform named “The Learning Passport” on a Global scale to work out this impact on education. Keeping in mind the academic quality, one of the best universities in the world, Cambridge University has also been included in it.

In fact, due to poverty, decriminalization and natural calamities, the education of millions of children is being affected. UNICEF, Microsoft, and Cambridge University have been working on "The Learning Passport" for the last 18 months to prevent this loss of students and its pilot project was also to be run in 2020, this year. But in view of this corona epidemic, this project will now be run soon so that future of millions of students can be saved.

The learning Passport will work completely online. The books and curriculum taught in each country can be different, so every country will be able to upload their own curriculum according to it and accordingly the books will also be made available to the children. Other supporting materials will also be given along with the books. The monitoring of students' studies and performance can also be monitored. All the resources required for any particular country to teach its students and teachers will be available on the platform of “The Learning Passport”.

The Learning Passport” program is designed keeping in mind the variety of countries, languages, gender, and subject. In this corona epidemic, this is a big step to bring education to the homes of children. It will also be effective in erasing the difference in the quality of education due to poverty. This program will be very smart and interactive, it will not only study students but also take care of social and emotional development. Moreover, the education policy of differently-abled students has also been taken into consideration.

Education plays the biggest role in the development of any person or country, so this initiative is worthy of praise. Many teachers and education experts from around the world are also waiting for it. There will also be some stones in the way of this good initiative. A major challenge for UNICEF will be to ensure that all students have mobile phones and internet connectivity. And one question will also be whether UNICEF will make special devices running according to "The Learning passport" available to poor students also?

To learn more about “The Learning Passport”  Click here

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